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My Story

I was educated to believe “greed is good.” I started my first business while in college and grew it to over $50 million in revenue with customers in 177 countries. But after an eye-opening audit by the Environmental Protection Agency, I realized I could no longer grow my business at the expense of my values and principles.


I committed to changing the way business is done. But first, I would have to start with how my business was run. I founded Impact Grove as a Certified B Corp, Business Member of 1% For The Planet, and a California Certified Green Business.


Today I am the Chief Impact Officer at Real Leaders. Our mission is to unite farsighted leaders to transform our shortsighted world to achieve a vision of a future where every generation leaves the world far better than they found it.


"Success is impact, meaningful work, fulfilling relationships, and a positive legacy."

My Mission

I love seeing entrepreneurs and companies succeed! I just have a different definition of success than what most of us have been trained to chase.


I built "successful" companies back when my definition of success was mostly about profit. I've been there. I've changed. 


Success is NOT all about money, money, MONEY.


Success is impact, meaningful work, fulfilling relationships, and a positive legacy!


Today, my mission is to help impact-driven business leaders increase their impact by connecting with each other, building an unstoppable movement of impact leaders.

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